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       DongGuan Dazhong Electronics Co., Ltd. was founded in 1992, is a collection research and development, production, sales, service in one group of companies, the main products are the high frequency transformer, low frequency transformer, potting transformers, ring transformer, high voltage transformer, power transformer, I-shaped inductance, loop inductance, Holzer sensor, charger, adapter,, reactor, non crystal devices and other electronic components products, relates to a photovoltaic, wind power, LED, UPS, EPS, IT, industrial power supply, charging pile, field instrumentation, aerospace, home appliances etc.. In the chairman of Mr. Li Zhengzhong under the leadership of the group company, after 20 years of development companies, has established nine production bases in Dongguan, Shenzhen, Heyuan, Fujian, Anhui, Chongqing, Henan and other provinces and cities area, production area of 280000 square meters.
The leadership of the company adhere to the market demand-oriented, technology and innovation as the driving force, based on the quality assurance! The struggle for the realization of the overall development of Dazhong electronics.
Dazhong electronics has passed ISO9001, ISO14001, OQC080000 certification, and obtained a variety of more than 300 patents. With independent import and export right, products through the CE, CCC, CQC, GS, TUV, UL and other national certification. Company uphold the idea of development, advancing with the times and pioneering spirit, innovation. The company has R & D team of more than 100 people, senior engineer 20 people, advanced research and development equipment, professional design for clients of products. The company has 260 production testing line, a plurality of green workshop, the use of automatic winding machine, enameled wire line core adhesive tape machine, wrapping machine, soldering tin machine, infrared oven and automated production equipment. Dazhong group, the pursuit of excellence in quality management, has a perfect quality management system, DQA control design quality, SQA, IQC control the quality of incoming materials, production and shipment of quality IPQC, FQC, OQC monitoring products, at the same time the company has an independent laboratory, can withstand voltage, the products flame retardant, tracking, lightning, cold and wet environment various reliability test, salt fog, to zero defects as the final goal of Dazhong quality management. Dazhong to Ministry of career mode, professional person to do the professional service for the products, the company has the power division, potting division, loop variable division, high voltage division, new energy division 5 division.
The Power Division specializing in the production of charger, adapter, a provincial advanced laboratory, can carry on the basic electrical properties, EMC, safety, reliability, environmental protection and other test for power supply products, with advanced green production workshop, 12 automatic wave soldering, insulation resistance, withstand voltage, no-load voltage and load voltage, load current, too current protection, short circuit protection, no-load power consumption, efficiency and ripple comprehensive test line and first-class aging chamber, has an annual production capacity of 70000000, the products involved in the field of IT, communication etc.. Potting Division specializing in the production of 0.35-50W with waterproof, moisture-proof, dust-proof, heat radiation, safety, environmental protection and other properties of the potting products, advanced 12 axis automatic winding machine, automatic glue machine 6 head classification, automatic soldering machines, integrated air dry machine, production area of 800 square meters, annual production capacity of 12000000. Products involved in the field of intelligent meter industry, which have strict requirements to environmental condition in home appliance industry and the industrial sector. Loop variable Division specializing in the production of 50-5000W toroidal transformers, transformer and main types are professional power amplifier power transformer civil AV power amplifier, with advanced production lines, with more than one half of the automatic winding machine, semi automatic wrapping machine. Annual production capacity of 3000000, the products involved in the field of audio, amplifier, home theater, photovoltaic, medical etc.. High voltage division specializing in the production of 500-3000W high voltage transformer (HVT) and rated 1-30A reactor (RET), has advanced winding, argon arc welding and automatic dipping paint baking technology, through the insulation class S UL certificate, the annual production of high voltage transformer (HVT) 6000000, reactor (RET) 5000000. A microwave oven, frequency conversion air conditioning products involved in the field of. New energy division of professional productivity transformer (with text power is below 2500KW, the efficiency of 99%), reactor (with text rated current is below 5000A, the efficiency of 99%), the Holzer sensor, amorphous devices, has a large production equipment, specialized experiment testing room, large hoisting lacquering furnace, an annual output of 60000 units, involved in the field of photovoltaic, wind power, UPS, EPS, industrial power supply, charging pile, electric drive, rail transportation, shipping, aviation, power quality management, data center. The integration advantages of resources, reduce costs, accelerate the speed of market reaction. In time for the customer service, the company set up in Dongguan as the base of the logistics transportation team, service all over the country, to meet customer delivery requirements, exceed customer expectations, won the praise of customers.
By virtue of high technology R & D team and a complete quality management system, Dazhong electronic products sold at home and abroad. Over the years, the company adhering to the "quality first, sincere service" purposes, has established close cooperation relationship with customers brand. Dazhong people believe that: enterprise system can raise the quality of the staff, and corporate culture to guide the staff to pursue. Dazhong people adhere to the "loyalty of this legislation, to the letter for the key link, bile innovation, to recognize Zhiyuan" enterprise idea, gradually building into a unity, hard work, pragmatic, enterprising, innovation, responsibility of enterprise culture as the core. Take the customer as the center, optimize team, optimize mechanism, optimization of management, strengthen the building of enterprise culture, through continuous innovation, create value for customers, create benefits for the enterprise, create happiness for the individual, to create wealth for the society.
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  • Dongguan Dazhong Electronics Co., Ltd. | transformer | inductance | adapter | reactor | transformer
  • Dongguan Dazhong Electronics Co., Ltd. | transformer | inductance | adapter | reactor | transformer
  • Dongguan Dazhong Electronics Co., Ltd. | transformer | inductance | adapter | reactor | transformer
  • Dongguan Dazhong Electronics Co., Ltd. | transformer | inductance | adapter | reactor | transformer
  • Dongguan Dazhong Electronics Co., Ltd. | transformer | inductance | adapter | reactor | transformer
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